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A New Option!

     Calculus for Business Decisions maintains a strong emphasis on graphical and numerical understanding, while adding symbolic work with all of the standard calculus formulas..

Mathematics for Business Decisions at the 2003 CNSF

Exhibition in Washington



written by

Richard B. Thompson

Department of Mathematics

University of Arizona


business projects by

Christopher G. Lamoureux, Head

Department of Finance

University of Arizona



               Mathematics for Business Decisions (MBD) and Calculus for Businss Decisions (CBD) consist of self-contained computer texts presenting the mathematics needed by undergraduate business majors.  Under development since 1998, they have been used by thousands of students, taught by a wide range of instructors at many institutions.  Student teams apply mathematics and computer tools to prepare reports on major, real-world business projects.  How do “major” and “real-world” relate to recent Nobel Prizes?  Find out.

               The first semester, Part 1, Probability and Simulation, features two significant business projects, Loan Work Outs and Stock Option Pricing.  An alternative version replaces the second of these with a project on Managing ATM Queues.  The second semester, Part 2, Calculus and Opitimization, presents projects on Marketing CompactFlash Cards and Bidding on an Oil Lease.

               These e-texts were used for many years in courses taken by all freshman and sophomore business college majors at the University of Arizona.  Follow the underlined links to learn more about Mathematics for Business Decisions and how it can be used.

               MBD and CBD are distributed via site licsnses to adopting schools.  This provides down-loadable individual copies to all class members at a very low cost per student.


Quick Start:  View a short video introduction to MBD.


               For information on licensing these texts, on Student Manuals, or on available WeBWorK materials; contact Carol Baxter at the Mathamatical Assosication of America.


               Development and dissemination of this material has been partially supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.


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